About Missy, The Queen Bee!

missy dewolf, proprietor of queen bee boudoir
Queen Bee Boudoir Squamish

"EVERY body is royalty”

My passion for lingerie and costuming came from my time working for Restricted Entertainment at their monthly event, Sin City Fetish Night, which happens to be Vancouver’s longest running fetish night. I held several positions there, but my last and favorite was “Dress Code Enforcement”. As the club had a strict dress code policy, I (basically) got flashed, all night long, and got to see so many great outfits in bodies of all shapes and sizes! I LOVED it! Within that community, body positivity and inclusion were the top values.

When my husband and I moved to Squamish, I missed my fetish family and being immersed in that scene. I caught wind of Squamish’s annual fetish night,  “James Bondage” but unfortunately we were only here to attend the last big event, before it stopped entirely. However, it showed me that Squamish had some wants and needs that were not being fulfilled. It was at that moment I decided that I am going to bring sexy back to Squamish!

I got in touch with the owner of  The Trinity Romance Shop, which was previously Squamish Adult Shop and got his advice. In 2018 we brought in our first selection of lingerie and hosiery – and at the same time we partnered with The Knotty Burl to put on several lingerie fashion and burlesque show fundraisers to support local charities. The models in our shows were all local and of all ages, shapes, sizes, styles and gender identities. Our shows were about body positivity and inclusion. 

And so, the motto of our brand was born! We truly believe ‘EVERY body is royalty” and that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Between that first show in 2018 and our last show in March of 2020, we raised several thousand dollars for local charities. I also volunteer my time by being a director on the board for the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association.

…and then COVID hit. Like many other stores we were forced to close our doors to protect our staff and customers. However, instead of sitting idle during these difficult times… we decided to go BIGGER! As the only lingerie shop in the Sea to Sky corridor, we felt that it was time to renovate and expand our collection and our online presence.  Over these last couple months, we have been working hard and can’t wait to share the results with you. We carry sizes ranging from XS to 7X because we believe every body is royalty!